Confession of a Bollywood drama Queen

For some bollywood is a religion and Bombay is their ultimate pilgrimage destination.

“You are a Bollywood keeda”,uttered one of my friend when I emerged as a winner in a squabble whilst debating over the bollywood shenanigans.I smiled vaingloriously because I always felt gratified whenever my brilliance for movies was either recognised or appriciated.It was my soft space like some people loved physics,maths or cricket.I had the ultimate super powers.These super powers were bestowed to me by television,mobile,internet and in the end I was reborn as a BOLLYPEDIA.Yes,this is the amalgamation of two very famed terms i.e Bollywood+wikipedia=Bollypedia.Whenever I watched Kaun Banega Carorpati,I invariably anticipated that a show offering riches for bollywood quiz should also be launched.I could have earned tons of bucks.

I always fantasised about a guy just like Raj in DDLJ. I desired to have a college life just like Ishq Vishq or Mai Hoon Na.I also wanted to undergo in a complicated relationship just as of Heer and Jordan’s in Rockstar. I still fantasise to get a job like Kabir(bunny) in YJHD.I wished for a trip with my friends just like Dil Chahta hai and Zindgi Na milegi Dobara.

Although this self proclaimed tittle of “Bollypedia” was never welcomed by my kinsfolk cause according to them “Movies would not help you in achieving lengths in life”. They tried to reprimand me but I never paid much heed.I can reminisce the time when Udta Punjab was about to release and i’d sobbed, yes the bollywood lover inside me was crying because it was the movie girdled with so much hype and it offered something new .I screamed my lungs out to curse the people who were against its release. I really did felt contented when it finally saw the light of the day .

I can never omitt the time from my memories when my cousins made fun of me while I was sobbing watching Shahrukh dieing in Kal ho na ho.I couldn’t control myself yar,I mean how can I.I kicked one of my fun-maker starting a WWE fight,not because he was mocking me,just because how can someone laugh when Shahrukh was dieing???I always strived to make amend with the fact that the lead deserves better than the second lead but to my waste, still am struggling .I mean, how can Imran Khan’s character was better than Sonam’s fiancee in I hate love storys.He was soo dammn perfect, the Charming prince every girl could ask for,even wearing same color’s shirt as Sonam’s dress making him all together awwww worthy.

I do have to confess about watching Bombaly Velvet rationale being Ranbir and Anushka but I was impressed with the storyline. Although, I have to confess the pure misery that I felt when movies like Aligarh and Death of the Gunj fell flat on the ticket window. I know overseas , Bollywood has the reputation of being the industry where commercial and masala movies always works wonder and parallel cinema is treated as a step sibling.I do have the utmost respect for the parallel cinema too.They have their separate fanbase and am one of the member of that fanbase.I’m glad that nowadays parallel cinema is gaining much awaited momentum and garnering apperceptions too.

Although the bollywood I loved doesn’t feel the same now.Things are changing drastically and most movies are served like main course dish but it turns out to be just a bland soup which looks glittery and shiny but has nothing new or something repetitive to offer and with ongoing SSR death and drug racket fiasco I feel sorry for the ones who are totally talented and are working hard under the shadows but just because of some, they have to bear the burns.The whole industry is being targeted and ruthlessly bashed. I wish those god old day may come back. But still my love and tales for Bollywood is endless just like infinity square.

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